Product Review: Aardvark Habañero Hot Sauce

I’m The Spicy Vegan. I love spice in everything I eat and drink, including hot chocolate and cocktails. I live for fresh hot peppers but hot sauces have a place in my life as well. Being The Spicy Vegan you would think I would love any and all hot sauces. Au contraire, mon frère! I am actually quite particular about the hot sauces worthy of touching my food. If I ask for hot sauce and somebody hands me Tabasco, I break it over their head. How insulting! Unfortunately, there are more mediocre commercial hot sauces than excellent ones on the market. The search for the perfect hot sauce has been going on for years and I finally, FINALLY, found it in Portland, Oregon. Secret Aardvark Trading Company, you rock my Sock Dreams socks off.

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Top 10 Lists

It’s the end of the year and Top 10 Lists are dominating all publications. I’ll play along and create a few of my own.

Top 10 Condiments I Cannot Live Without
Nutritional Yeast          Vegan Mayonnaise    
Soy Sauce            Dijon Mustard        Olive Oil        
Fresh Black Pepper              Earth Balance
Cayenne                Coconut Milk          Miso
Top 10 Things You Will Always Find In My House
Garlic            Onions             Olive Oil
Jasmine Rice       Chick Peas        Tofu
Canned Tomatoes       Black Peppercorns
Hot Peppers    Nutritional Yeast
Top 10 Favorite Soups
Indian Style Lentil      Cuban Black Bean      Miso
 Green Split Pea    Corn Chowder      Tom Yum
        Spicy Chili      Vietnamese Pho