Top 10 Lists

It’s the end of the year and Top 10 Lists are dominating all publications. I’ll play along and create a few of my own.

Top 10 Condiments I Cannot Live Without
Nutritional Yeast          Vegan Mayonnaise    
Soy Sauce            Dijon Mustard        Olive Oil        
Fresh Black Pepper              Earth Balance
Cayenne                Coconut Milk          Miso
Top 10 Things You Will Always Find In My House
Garlic            Onions             Olive Oil
Jasmine Rice       Chick Peas        Tofu
Canned Tomatoes       Black Peppercorns
Hot Peppers    Nutritional Yeast
Top 10 Favorite Soups
Indian Style Lentil      Cuban Black Bean      Miso
 Green Split Pea    Corn Chowder      Tom Yum
        Spicy Chili      Vietnamese Pho

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Lists

  1. Do any of your favorite soups feature or contain nutritional yeast, which appears in the other two lists? I found nutritional yeast in Germany and I am celebrating.

  2. Yay for finding nutritional yeast! I actually do have a soup that features nooch but it's not yet posted on my blog. It's a 'black and white cheese soup', which has black beans and white beans in a creamy, cheesy base. It's delicious! I'll try to post it soon. Thanks for the comment!

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